Friday, April 30, 2004 - NFL - Student who railed against Tillman apologizes: "Gonzalez said he was trying to convey that Tillman's celebrity came into play when the former Arizona Cardinals player was labeled a hero.
'I felt that his celebrity had been a factor in American society calling him a 'hero,' and I felt American society had arrived at that conclusion without much thinking, but rather as some sort of patriotic 'knee-jerk' into hero worship,' he wrote. 'That was my point. I did it [admittedly] in such an insensitive way, that the article was not worth publishing.'"

-- I would argue that if that was your point you didn't just do it in ans insensative way, but in a really inefective way. Your column was a rant about a great many things against the war on terror. Nice backpedal.


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