Sunday, April 25, 2004

I am reminded of something else from the other night. How cool it is to be involved in politics for a host of reasons.

One of the big ones is a reason most people I think wouldn't suspect. Talking to canidates and office holders is nice, but talking to their staffers and 'pros' is even cooler in a lot of ways. Since politics is not even remotely how I make a living or related to how I make a living I approach it from a given perspective. When you get to talk to pros you get insight on a bunch of different things. Issues ranging from strategy all the way down to simple logistics the guys who deal with this stuff for a living just seem to have a lot of offer. They are belivers who are willing to stake their livelyhoods on those ideals, if someone I have done stuff for loses an election, that sucks but it doesn't keep me from paying the mortage next month.

So I guess what I am suggesting here is next time you go to an event or fundraiser after you get your 60 seconds with the canidate or office holder talk to the people with them for 5 minutes. You'll get something out of it.


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