Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I read Joyce at the Illinois Leader so you dont have to.

Her point this week -- That by letting the Missouri River be managed in a way that results in it's level being too low to allow barge traffic resulting in various harms occouring.

How I think she fails to get there...

Should we be asking who gives American Rivers the authority to compile a list that appears to have so much impact? Does the media research the other side before readily printing these releases and promoting an agenda?

-- Ummm the "Ten Most Endangered Rivers" list gets fewer hits in google news the combo of Oprah and Apprentice as a combo get more google news hits. Not actaully big news. So the impact is just sort of there, not huge but there.

The environmentalist's goal is to make our rivers "free flowing" as the rivers were in the days of Lewis and Clark. They believe this can be achieved by the removal of locks and dams. They want to see canoes paddling the rivers instead of barge traffic moving commercial products and providing millions of jobs to support families.

-- Ummm. Even if this is true the second sentence takes a legitamate point but sounds shrill since it is they are against x and it causes y.

I think she has a point to make, one I even agree with.

In that the econ. benefits of rivers need to be considered above questionable environmnet concerns. However she fails to make it.

Who knows maybe I will start re-writing them for her.


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