Thursday, April 29, 2004

It appears at least to
Sneed it is time to put the smackdown on the Gov.


"Are Gov. Blago and his staff living under a rock?
*Consider: After a year of silence, Blago scheduled his first 'women's issues' press conference on the day women who would have attended -- and 1 million others -- were in the nation's capital marching for women's lives Sunday.

*Consider: Sneed hears a group of top Illinois women activists are wondering how they find out what exists under the rock."

-- I suspect whatever it is it has a lot of hair and a lot of new debt.
She makes a good point, however I suspect he chose the date so some people would not be there...


Tsk. tsk. Memo to Gov. Blago's Deputy Gov. Bradley Tusk. Your speech at the induction of the Illinois Lincoln Academy laureates at the Chicago Historical Society recently went over like a lead balloon. I know it was meant to be funny, but I'm told laughter was scarce. It was a big enough snub that your boss has skipped the dinner two years in a row, and it was gracious of you to come, but bragging about New York, whence you came, is a bit declasse. Get it?

-- First, he has skipped the dinner... come on it is in Chicago a short drive. It's not like it was down in Springfield, God forbid he would have to go down to Springfield.

Secondly yeah the braging about New York at an event to honor Illinois finest is rather stupid, like bragging about steak at a vegitarian group meeting, dork.

Perhaps someone is using Sneed to send a message to Blago...


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