Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Over at the Leader
Joyce writes about earth day and the move by Republicans to stop the zero funding of the open space fund.

The thesis this week. Earth day is a pesudo-religous commie plot or
the government buying open space is bad.

" 'Illinois Republican legislators chose Earth Day to kick off an effort to stop Gov. Rod Blagojevich from cutting state funding for parks and natural areas,' according to Scott Richardson's article in the Bloomington Pantagraph."

-- Again I fail to undestand why she freaks out about the government buying open space? If taxpayers are willing to pay for it and voters are in favor of it, isn't that what democracy is about. I could understand if the money was being used to prevent people from developing land they own. Someday if she hasn't already she needs to go see the cook county forest preserves and see how they are a great asset to the area and help improve property values.

More Joyce
The day the Republicans chose to kick off their effort was Earth Day (which is also Lenin's Birthday as both are April 22). Isn't that interesting - considering Mikhail Gorbechev leads the large earthy organization, "Green Cross International" and this group would believe in government-owned open space.

-- It is also the day the Germans first used in poison gas WW I. It is also the birthday of various other well know people including Charlotte Rae and Jack Nicholson perhaps they are part of the plot as well.

Still More Joyce
Former Vice President Al Gore joined the board of a waterless urinal company late last year to further the dry toilet cause and to help avert what many environmentalists believe is a looming international water crisis.

-- Ummm as a long time user of Urinals I would argue the amount of water used by them or even if water is used by them does not really change my opinion of the quality of one. Also what does this have to do with your argument. Al Gore supports something therefore it must be bad?

Why would a waterless urinal be bad, since it costs money to move water to the urinal as well as process the water out of the urinal there would less water used and processed therefore requiring less public expenditure on the infrastructure needed to deal with water and urine. That may result in fewer pipes that need to be run to deal with waste products and reduce the need to government to dig up people's back yards to lay more pipe. Joyce you should be all over this idea.

Again I have never walked out of a mens room thinking 'Wow that used a lot of water to flush so therefore I feel I had a better urinal experience'

Still more Joyce
It wasn't until the Clinton/Gore administration did we go to such extremes that we can no longer afford the demands. Studies prove that wealthier countries are cleaner. As the extremists try to close power plants and factories and take the land out of use, promote the congestion of Smart Growth planning, the United States may find itself along side the poor nations and our environment will truly suffer.

-- Ok so some environmental regulations are ok with Joyce. Just not what changed under Clinton. So why is helping local park districts buy land a bad thing for Republicans to promote?

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