Tuesday, May 11, 2004

e T r u c k e r - News - eTrucker.com is the online destination for everything trucking. For truck drivers looking for jobs, loads, free email, routing weather, trucking news and more! The best truck driving jobs with the best trucking companies: "Illinois' loss in truck registrations has been gained by bordering states, charges the Mid-West Truckers Association, which blames the migration on Illinois' higher registration fees and recent loss of tax exemptions.

Under the International Registration Plan, Illinois interstate truck registrations have dropped by more than 25,000 in the last three years, according to a recent association statement. Neighboring states, including Indiana and Missouri, have witnessed a sizeable increase in registrations, it said.

The 2005 Illinois interstate trucking registrations are now at an eight-year low because carriers have relocated, closed or cut back, the association stated. The state now has 16,852 fewer interstate truck registrations than the previous year, while the number of registered IRP carriers in Illinois has decreased by 2,718."

-- Wait I thought these new fees were not suposed to have an impact on the num,ber of registrations in this state. You mean an increase in tax has lead to business leaving the state. I am shocked, shocked I tell ya'.

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