Friday, May 07, 2004

The Hull story . . .: "The disappearing act . . .
Gov. Blagojevich's critics claim he's becoming a 'Mr. No Show.'
*Consider: It's becoming de rigueur that Blago either misses events or arrives late. But Sneed's item complimenting Blago for making good on his promise a year ago to invite seventh-grader Becky Lang -- daughter of state Rep. Lou Lang -- and her classmates to the governor's mansion in Springfield on Thursday takes the cake.
*To wit: The Gov was again a no show and enlisted Secretary of State Jesse White to be his stand-in. Oh well. Blago must be going about the state's business."

-- Well Mike, it would have been helpful if the entry on the 6th had mentioned that Blago was suposed to join them for lunch and/or that Becky Lang is the daughter of Lou Lang. So the first story was a 'so what' (you may have to page down to see my entry on the 6th) and this one is a 'big surprise'


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