Monday, May 10, 2004

Makes you wonder if he would be late to his own funeral

"Gov. Rod Blagojevich left politicians and friends and family of the late state Sen. Vince Demuzio waiting last week when he arrived nearly 20 minutes late for the senator's 10 a.m. funeral.
Demuzio died April 27 after battling colon cancer. Among those in attendance at the May 1 service were Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, House Speaker Michael Madigan, Senate President Emil Jones Jr. and numerous other political leaders from throughout Illinois. They were on time.
Organ music played at St. Mary's and Joseph's Church in Carlinville as those in attendance waited. The service couldn't begin because Blagojevich was the first speaker scheduled to memorialize Demuzio, who served nearly 30 years in the Senate and spent 1986 to 1990 as chairman of the state's Democratic Party.
The governor's office did not return a call seeking explanation.
After the service, Blagojevich boarded a state plane to go to a news conference in tornado-ravaged Utica. The other officials went on to the gravesite."

-- What a huge frigin tool. Sneed of all people had something about him being late to a meeting with the Illinois delegation to congress a few days back. It makes you wonder, are his 'people' that disorganized? Is he? Is he being set-up by the media and the state legislature? Is it going to be Governor Lisa Madigan in a couple of years?

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