Monday, May 17, 2004

The new Michael Moore film has it's premier at the Cannes film festival and has gotten a lot of attention (not like John Kerry's daughter has (warning naughty photo).

It looks like the film is going to end up as part of the debate about the war on terror as well as playing a role in this years presidential campaign. I look forward to seeing it and what he has to say. I have always found his work thought provoking and at time very entertaining. I may not agree with him but he is good at making you think and that should always be encouraged. Your ideas are not sharpened if you just read and listen to those who agree with you. A good mental exercise would be for any Republican activist would be to see the movie and be ready when your friends start asking you things about the points he has tired to make. Offer facts and intelligent reasoned opinion on why you feel he is right or wrong, etc. You will do yourself, your nation and your party a favor.

However just ignoring his film is not going to be the answer for Republicans. Film can and is a powerful way to deliver a message be it 'Birth of a Nation' or 'Refer Madness' and the Republican party better be ready with an intelligent response and not be reacting if the film takes off.

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