Sunday, May 02, 2004

Over at Makes me Ralph he has a very different take on Ryan's position of prevaling Union Wage.

I don't see how this a racial issue at all, pro-union stances by Republicans in this state are not all strange. Be it Jim Thompson saying 'No!' to right to work and inviting union members over to the mansion for some beer or positions taken by Republican governors and legislators since. Illinois is a very union freindly state even after all the years of Republican Governors. Also as I understand it he took this position well before it seemed like Obama was going to win the nomination.

Using the position as a wedge against one canidate that seemed like a long shot in a crowded and well funded democratic primary field? Unlikely.

In todays Trib there is a look at how Obama's victory kind of set old school ethnic and racial voting theory in state on it's ear.

Simple piece of advice, Don't vote for anyone just because of their ethnic/race background. Vote for them because you feel they can do the best job.

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