Thursday, May 06, 2004 - News - Legislators question cost savings of prison closings 05/06/04: "In the case of St. Charles, Corrections officials said they recently learned the land may originally been donated to the state and are researching whether they could sell the property.
Lawmakers pointed out that the youth center sits on valuable land that developers would want.
'This ain't about saving money for no prisons,' said Rep. Lovana Jones, D-Chicago. 'It's about you want the land. How are you going to save money if you're going to spend the savings?'"

-- Yeah to heck with having young offenders in facilities near their homes, there is yet another asset we can dump. So what if we just spent millions fixing the place up and anyone who buys it is not really going to want or need the stuff there, that's land we can sell. I would love to see some details on how closing St. Charles is going to save money.


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