Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Rockford Register Star - Rockford's Newspaper and Website - Local & State News: "And this 'outsider' image that Blagojevich cultivates by shunning Springfield in favor of Chicago is wearing thin. His no-more-business-as-usual mantra just seems silly when business isn't getting done.
The impression that's sinking in out here is that Blagojevich is a bully on a power trip. He doesn't seem to want to work with elected officials from either party to get business done.
Yet, he served in Springfield before going to the U.S. House of Representatives. He should know that he needs cooperation from myriad people who've been around a lot longer than he has. "

-- That is the one thing that has not come up much during all of this stuff on the budget. Rod servered in Springfield before going to congress. I don't seem to recall Capt. Blago anti-special interest man from when he was down there.

Mark my words Mike Madigan is going to spank him hard and go all old school on hims real soon.

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