Sunday, May 16, 2004

Some interesting thoughts about gay marriage from MSNBC - The 'Will & Grace' Effect. The emphasis is the statement is mine.

"The debate isn't just dividing Americans by state in many families it's the cause of friction at the dinner table. Polls show a sizeable generation gap when it comes to supporting same-sex marriage. In a NEWSWEEK Poll, 41 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds back gay marriage, compared with 28 percent of Americans overall. Generation Y is more tolerant than its elders, says pollster Celinda Lake. Christine Dinnino, 17, has regular fights about the marriage issue with her father, Samuel, a 43-year-old retired Army sergeant in Inverness, Fla. Though Samuel bases his objections on the Bible, Christine sees gay marriage as a civil-rights issue. 'It used to be illegal to marry someone of a different race,' she says. 'That sounds pretty foreign to the typical 15-year-old today.'"

-- I would like to think that is sound fairly foreign to most 35 year olds too. However one change that I have noticed over my adult life is how someone being homosexual is really no big deal in my age group. When I was growing up that would have been hard to comprehend. If you had told me I would be working, sailing, etc with homosexuals and be comfortable with it I suspect I would have laughed at you. Today I do just that. However I am still uncomfortable with gay marriage more so due to my religous views than anything else.

So, here is my thought. Get rid of the concept of marriage from the law and create a way for one adult to designate another adult as their 'buddy, partner, whatever' who would get the rights of a traditional couple. So if you want to designate someone as your 'buddy' that you have no romantic interest in but just want them to have health benefits or something you a free to do so. If you wanted to 'split' from your 'buddy' it would be like a traditional divorce with property being devided, etc.

I know this is basicaly civil unions but something about that idea also doesn't work for me either. I don't know why.


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