Thursday, May 06, 2004

Some more thoughts on the Cheif from a new voice over at the Leader.

Her thesis.

-- The people complaing about the Cheif are not Native American's so therefore they have no right to complain.

-- The fact Bill Ayers is still teaching at UIC is much worse so therefore that is the problem everyone should focus on.

Lets look at what she has to say

State President Emil Jones has had enough of the racism and stereotyping practiced by the trustees of the University of Illinois, who according to Mr. Jones have a lot in common with the segregationists of the last century.

A couple of weeks ago, he learned just how bad things were after meeting with a couple dozen Birkenstock-wearing, narcissistic, self-righteous, mush-headed little twits who have spent so little time in class that they don't realize that their time would be better spent in class than sprawled in the hall of a campus administration building bleating asinine demands.

-- Well those who are complaining are basically stupid hippies so we can ignore them? Interesting argument.

A vocal minority opposing the traditional mascot is asserting the rights of people who never asked for their help, in effect saying even if you don't think you are offended, you are, and we're going to solve this problem that you don't know you have.

By gratuitously assuming to speak for them, they have taken living, breathing Native Americans and turned them into mascots for their politically correct cause.

-- Umm, Native American's have spoken out about this very issue and have spoken against the Cheif. But giving her the benefit of the doubt that NO Native Americans have spoken out against the Cheif using her logic it would be wrong to complain about anything unless it impacts you directly. So if I see what I think is an wrong being inflicted against a group I am not a member of, lets say women using her logic I should not say anything since I am not impacted since I am not a woman.

The great evil he fights wears a headdress and war paint. It is the mascot that the University of Illinois has had since 1926, Chief Illiniwek.

-- So is he a mascot or not? He doesn't go around and fight with the other mascot and/or lead the band or play with kids like Victor E. Huskie does.

Last August the New York Times called Bill Ayers a "distinguished professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago."


I'm not sure about that, but he is on the payroll of the taxpayers of the State of Illinois. The newspaper of liberal record had written about Bill Ayers before. In probably the worst and most ironic case of bad timing in history, it printed a Valentine to Ayers and his partner in terrorism, now wife, Bernadine Dohrn on September 11, 2001.

-- Totaly with her on the Bill Ayers thing, that is the reason Mrs. OneMan (who got her MSN from UIC) and I will never give a dime to that school unless he is no longer on the payroll. The fact my tax dollars in any way shape or form help that guy out also really bothers me.

The thing that blows my mind about this whole Cheif thing is the anger that some people seem to focus at people who want to dump the Cheif. It seems to me that even if you disagree with them can't you at least understand where they are coming from? You might not agree with them but do you really need to spew this anger at them?

I have read some intelegent arguments on the Cheif from some surprising sources and since I really don't have a dog in this fight I really haven't made up my mind yet.

The one thing that is not going to influence me and people on the fence about the issue is the 'stupid hippies' argument.


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