Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The Southern willingness - Top Stories - LAWMAKERS NOT EXCITED ABOUT TAXES ON SERVICES: "Everyday services from manicures to rounds of putt-putt golf could be taxed as part of a solution to the state's budget crunch.

Senate Republican spokeswoman Patty Schuh said House Bill 750 includes amendments to add taxes to bowlers, dry cleaning, dating services, parking lots, garages and 'just about every possible thing you could imagine.' "

But Cindy Davidsmeyer, spokeswoman for Senate Democrats, said the bill is "not going anywhere." She said Senate President Emil Jones, D-Chicago, "is not real fond of service taxes."

"He feels they're regressive," Davidsmeyer said.

Ultimately, the state's fiscal 2005 spending plan will be decided behind closed doors, revealed during the last few days or hours of the spring session and voted on at the last minute. But when it comes to finding solutions to fixing a looming budget deficit, service taxes may be among the few choices left.

-- I think consumers are not really excited about taxes on services either... Wouldn't be nice if just once the budget was debated in public with real details available beforehand?

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