Tuesday, May 04, 2004

STLtoday - News - Metro East: "Two victims of medical malpractice said Monday at a news conference arranged by consumers' groups that they want to put a human face on the debate about limits on verdicts for pain and suffering.

Bob Vogt, 60, said he has cared for his wife since she suffered a series of medical errors that led to severe strokes 14 years ago. Vogt's wife, Jean, now 58, has the mental capacity of a toddler and requires constant care at the couple's home in Swansea, Vogt said.

Vogt settled his wife's medical malpractice case in 1993, agreeing to a 30-year annuity that would pay for Jean Vogt's needs for her lifetime.

'My attorney did do quite well on' the settlement, Vogt said. 'But it provided for me and my wife.' "

The news conference Monday, hosted by Victims and Families United and the Coalition for Consumer Rights,

-- None of the proposals that I have seen would have any impact on the 30 year annuity you got. It would only have an impact on 'pain and suffering' which has turned into the equivilant of punitive damages in this state.

For more info on Victims And Families united. You can go to their web site. I do find it interesting that donations to the orgaization are NOT tax deductable.. I wish I knew more about this organization.


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