Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Things are getting dangerous in Joyce World.:

She starts off making some reasonable arguments about the downside of issuing bonds to pay for more open space but then we get this

"At the same time, Illinois is getting more unfriendly to gun owners.
Would you want to live where there are all kinds of wild animals without some kind of protection for your children and domestic animals and pets? If it were an endangered species, you would be breaking the law and face severe penalities for protecting your own property."

-- Where to start with this. The first thing I am reminded of is Jimbo of South Park when they only shoot in 'self defence'.

Is there ANYONE in this state who feels they need to be armed to protect their home and family against 'critters'?

Is there any judge or jurry in this state that would convict you of anything if you killed a 'critter' that you though presented an imediate threat?

I'll leave the observations about open-land and bonds to someone else.


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