Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Walter's perspective differs on DUI arrest: "'Walter denies the drunk driving charge, saying the Breathalyzer test showed his alcohol level was under the legal limit at .078,' Robinson reported. 'He also denies running a stop sign, and that he ignored a police warning not to drive. Walter says he will fight the charges at his hearing.'"

-- Yeah, I was 2 one-hundreths below the limit, interesting defense skippy.

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Anonymous said...

Can everyone remember Steve Schill. His wife, with her "hormone problems", actually called the police to say he hit her. Next day she said it was all a mistake and it never happened. BUT, Fox32 still fired Schill for it. He never had a ticket, or a court date.

Here's Skippy with 4 tickets, and he's allowed back on the air. What a laughing stock Fox32 is now.