Saturday, May 01, 2004

Watched some of last nights Nightline episode last night (I replayTV'd the whole thing). It was tasteful and made you think. A few thoughts.

-- Looking at the ranks of the people who were killed who are about my age, the officers were Captains and the the rest were mostly NCO's.
-- How young so many of the people are. Next time you get ticked off at the kid behind the register at the gas station for something remember kids his age are being killed in Iraq and Afganastan to try and make your life and world safer. You may not agree with why they are there, you may not agree with all sorts of things. However those making the sacrafice and serving our nation have earned all of our respect. Not just now but 20 years from now when the need VA healthcare.

-- How they seemed to truly represent America and how diverse the nation is. Another thing to keep in the back of your mind.

-- One of the names I caught as I was watching it live was the son of the next-door neighbor of my wifes late grandmother. Just kind of brought it all home again for a mintue.


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