Wednesday, May 12, 2004

What's up with the Governor. My goal lately has not to be constantly ranting and raving about the governor it has just kind of worked out that way..

What is bugging me about the Governor.

-- His idea of reform that is my way or else. This from a guy who never was much of a reformer when he was a state legislator.

-- How he just blows off meetings and shows up late for stuff. This is a sign of someone who is inconsiderate, be it not attending his own prayer breakfast, showing up late for meetings with important people. It shows a lack of respect for others.

-- Now that we can't borrow anymore or find things to 'monitize' his solution is to raise business fees and taxes. However to accomplish this he feels the need to 'demonize' the business this state creating the impression that they are nothing but tax avoiding entities. If you tax and fee business to death they are going leave, it's that simple. With fewer business you'll have fewer people working and therefore less income tax and less revenues. It's already happening with the trucking industry.

Business is not bad Rod, if you had spent some more of your adult life working for a couple you might actually realize that.

-- How it is still in some ways impossible to figure out what fees and taxes are going to go up, there are vague suggestions but nothing is really final yet. Yes I know this is how budgets in this state often happen. However Capt. Reform could have done something about this.

-- His me vs. everyone else platform. I know this relates to the first point. He seems to really feel that he is the only one who cares about people in this state and everyone else is in some special interest pocket or another.

-- The fact you can't tell how he really feels about something until you put an idea forward and he shoots it down. See gambling expansion.

-- The fact he can't seem to actually spend the night in Springfield. During one session he flew home every night so he can kiss his kids good-night. That sound nice but there are plenty of state reps and state senators who don't have that option who go down to Springfield and work to get stuff done.

He seems to have a sense of entitlement that blows my mind.

-- He still wants to spend money on new things that are nice but not really a good idea during these tight budget times. My kids don't need the state to buy them books or boosting spending by $1 Billion with 100 Million in new programs.

You know I may be a Republican but I had some hope for this guy. So far he has been a real let down. Too bad they didn't nominate Paul Vallas.

Or as the State Journal Register put it
We're rapidly growing tired of trying to understand Gov. Blagojevich's riddle. We suspect many others are as well.

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