Monday, July 26, 2004

Hey I see I am getting more hits today, might be for a whole host of reasons. Including obeying keynote address to the Democratic National Convention.  Since you may be reading about what a cool dude he is I figured you would want to see how his bills did in the last session down in the state house.

Here ya go.  If you are looking at the list and wondering what Sine Die session means, that means the legislation died at the end of legislative session.  Lots on Sine Dies near his name.

Just so out of state readers understand real power in both houses of the Illinois Legislature lies with the Four Tops (The House Majority Leader, The House Minority Leader, The President of the Senate and the Senate Minority Leader).  If the House Majority leader does not want your bill to go anywhere in the house, it will not go anyplace.



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So-Called Austin Mayor said...

You still don't have a candidate -- nyah nyah nyah!

Ok, I'll stop that now.