Monday, August 30, 2004

Belleville News-Democrat | 08/30/2004 | State may quench thirst for revenue with official drink: "Houston also said there is concern that selecting an official state beverage would hurt smaller beverage distributors in the state.
'With the number of these blind vendors that operate rest stop areas, it appears that this will have a harmful impact on them and they may wind up closing their jobs,' he said. 'Chambers of commerce throughout Illinois operate a number of concession stands at state fairs. The concern that with this is it will shut them out. And they use those profits to support local communities they serve.'"

-- These are minor details, remember he has a clever plan. They always think stuff out and check the facts, just look at Irish Drugs. Sorry visually imparted vendor you can now only put Sellout(TM) brand drinks in that machine.

Also if it does end up being Snapple and you can't buy caffeinated drinks at rest stops will Blagozo take the blame for the increase in traffic deaths due to sleepy drivers? ( a bit of hyperbolie there)



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