Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Star Democrat Obama now a best-selling author, too:

"The first edition of the U.S. Senate candidate's Dreams From My Father had started at $20 on eBay, but after 28 bids on the Internet auction site, it was up to $255 Monday evening.
At a campaign stop, Obama noted that a new edition is coming out Aug. 10 -- ''not a moment too soon. I don't want people spending that much for my book.''"

-- That's it stiffle free enterprise... I have already sold one copy on ebay for $250 and am looking forward to getting a second copy to sell. Why not let the market decide? If I can find people willing to pay that kind of money for it, why tell them not to spend that much.

Yet another example of a Democrat trying to keep the small businessman down ;-)


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T.J. Brown said...

Trust me, Obama won't be getting my vote.
But by coming out with a new edition and flooding the market with a glut of his book, he's letting the market set a new price (and reaping his profits).

Obama is a self-proclaimed Adam Smith disciple, but I wonder if he knows that what he's practicing is supply-side economics?