Tuesday, September 28, 2004

"Life as a Subcommittee Chair on Ways and Means is a nice retirement:
From National Journal's House Race Hotline.
National Public Radio's Marketplace in a report on privately-funded congressional travel, 'On a three-day, $5,500 trip to Boca Raton Florida,' Rep. Philip Crane (R) 'broke House travel rules twice.' He never disclosed who paid for his weekend in Boca and then, 'he allowed his unnamed host to pay $300 in golf fees.' While on an $8K trip to Antigua, 'Crane allowed a different host to pay $90 for his wife's spa treatment.' In 4 1/2 years, 'the Cranes accepted' $109K 'in free trips paid for by outside interests. A pro free-trade group footed the bill for his trip to Antigua. More Marketplace: 'Crane sits on the Ways and Means Committee, and as chair of its subcommittee on trade, is one of the most powerful policy makers in the country. He can dictate the trade agenda. Crane declined an interview request, but members of his staff said the ethics committee never contacted his office about any of these trips' (9/27). "

--- Well Lets take a look at all of the Illinois Deligation huh..

Well #2 was that well known right winger Jessie Jackson Jr. at 29 trips for a cost of $77,859.53 including a trip to Mississippi for three days that had $7,145.00 in travel expenses. Trips to Nassau, Israel, Qatar are part of the list of trips he took.

FYI -- More was spent on trips for Dems than the GOP


So-Called Austin Mayor said...

More was spent on trips for Dems than the GOPThat is because Democrats actually leave the country using their fancy "passports."

Trips to Branson just don't cost as much as trips to foreign nations.

Now, THAT post is elitist!

OneMan said...

Yes it is, considering one of Rep. Jacksons trips was to that exotic location Carbondale.

So-Called Austin Mayor said...

That's not fair.

You know that for a Chicago politician, trip south of Bourbonnais is like a visit to another planet.

OneMan said...

That's true or if you are the Governor the location of your 'Summer home'