Friday, September 17, 2004

Chicago Tribune | Move over, Hummer: 7-ton pickup has 6-figure price:
"It looks like a Hummer on steroids and Viagra!

It stands 9 feet high, 8 feet wide and 21 feet long and tips the scales at around 15,000 pounds. That makes it 2 feet taller and 4 feet longer than the large Hummer H2 pickup.

It's the International CXT, short for Commercial Extreme Truck, a vehicle capable of hauling six tons of dirt in its cargo bed while towing a 20-ton yacht.

Or, it can tow the yacht and carry an H2 in the bed, said Nick Matich, vice president of severe-service trucks for International Truck and Engine Corp. 'It's a vehicle for anyone who wants to make a really bold statement,' Matich said. "

-- And that statement would be....
I have issues.
A H2 is not enough of a PE for me.
Look at me, Look at me, Look at me.
I am so compinsating.

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