Thursday, September 09, 2004

Edgar: Heart bypass gave me second chance: "BY JIM EDGAR
I had had heart trouble before, so I was sticking to a low-fat diet and exercising five or six days a week.
It was during my 30-minute workouts on the treadmill that I felt little chest pains. So I scheduled an appointment with my doctors at Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove."

-- Mrs. OneMan was charge nurse in the Sugrical Heart Unit at Good Sam the night he was operated on so I have a connection and have hear the story via a different source. The one thing was they were worried that he needed a phone in his room for the budget negotiations and how he needed to make a call the next day a bit of a challenge when you have a breathing tube.

Read the whole thing it gives a interesting view on what President Clinton is going through.


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