Wednesday, September 01, 2004

From Crains Gaming Board says it's 'messed up' Remaining members call of guv to make agency whole

'So we can just about go on record that we're the most, most messed up state agency operation running,' member William Dugan said. 'Why the governor didn't keep Violet and Elzie is beyond me. It's a travesty to let those people go.' "

-- The most messed up state agnecy, just because you don't have a quorum? At least you have a couple of members, that's more than the Health Care Facilities board can say. The most messed up, that is a major accomplishment.

Hey Kids you too can be on a state board and get all of the 'crud' that comes with it. Of course it doesn't make any difference for your chances to getting appointed but you might as well send a check to Friends of Blagojevich.


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