Monday, September 06, 2004


Lets look at what Blagozo had to say and what the reality is

Question: What would you label as your greatest accomplishment(s) during your first two years as governor?

Answer: I promised the people of Illinois that we were going to change the way business is done in Springfield and change the priorities in the budget and we've fought hard over the past two years to balance the budget deficit we inherited.

-- Yeah change the way business is done. He would never do stuff like have the state hire 22 year old sons of state legislators for jobs with the state, put people on state boards right after they make large donations. Or appoint state boards that are not riddled with scandal. Then again how people would get face time with you and then make donations. Blagozo you are the very definition of business as usual.

next we have this

Q: As a candidate for governor you made a campaign promise that you would "never balance the budget on the backs of working men and women." Yet as a budget-cutting measure you proposed closing Vandalia Correctional Center and you have also angered AFSCME union officials, who claim your administration has cut thousands of jobs. Do you feel like you have kept the campaign promise you made in 2001 concerning working men and women?

A: I do feel that I kept those promises; we fought very hard in the budget process to resist those who wanted to raise the income tax and the sales tax and use that as a way to dig ourselves out of the historic budget deficit that I inherited.

-- Umm wasn't it Republicans that kept the Democrats from raising taxes. Also all the fees you raised (on trucks that resulted in reduced truck registrations) or when you wanted to raise taxes on fuels used on vehicles that don't use roads (like trains) or when you wanted to raid all sorts of state funds that had money put into them by the hardworking folks of this state. The hardworking real estate agents, attorneys, nurses who all saw their state fees go up.

Q: Despite the fact that there was a Democratic governor and both houses of the General Assembly are controlled by Democrats, it took a 54-day overtime session to come up with a budget. Many observers claim that the delay was the result of a test of wills between you and House Speaker Mike Madigan. Was it a battle of egos between you and Madigan as some lawmakers alleged or just a good old fashioned political standoff?

A: I would call it a good old-fashioned battle over priorities. My priority was to invest more money into schools and put more money into pre-school and a lot more money into health care and invest more money in helping our senior citizens have lower prescription drug costs. The Speaker (Madigan) was suggesting no new investments in those areas.

-- He was also proposing not getting us into any more debt. It's also obvious how much everyone trusted you in this process baised off the number of MOUS you had to sign. It seemed to me your biggest priority in this process was advancing your political career.

-- Next he talks about the strugles with the FDA (I am getting to the limits of fair use so I am going to stop quoting directly) for his drug plan.

Ummm I would be more worried about the fact that the companies in Ireland you would need to work with have no idea you are interested.

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