Tuesday, September 28, 2004

"What a Night!!
Robin Williams
Stevie Wonder
Ramsey Lewis Trio
In support of U.S. Senate Candidate
Barack Obama
Friday, October 1st
7:30 PM
at Park West
322 West Armitage Avenue
$500 per ticket
$350 per ticket
For details to purchase a ticket to the concert, please call (312) 427-2648

-- Remember kids his blog slammed Ryan for having big money fundraisers. Now he is going all over the country raising BIG BIG MONEY for a non-race.

I didn't see anything about this fundraiser on his Blog or web site. I guess house parties are enough for the internet folks.
Pay no mind to the big money out-of-state fundraising he has done, it's all about YOU Illinois...

Funny how they slam Crain for raising so much out of state, but I hear boo about when it comes to Obama.


Anonymous said...

'I didn't see anything about this fundraiser on his Blog or web site. I guess house parties are enough for the internet folks.'

Since at least 2 emails have been sent out about it, I don't think they're trying to keep it a secret. By definition email = internet people.

Again...bitter, sad and desperate for something to critcize.

So-Called Austin Mayor said...

One Man,

If Obama actually wanted to raise big, BIG money, he wouldn't have these washed-up entertainers as the main-event. I don't know much about the "Ramsey Lewis Trio", but Robin Williams and Stevie Wonder could certainly headline the "Sucked Since the Carter Administration Tour."

They have to charge $350-$500 for tickets... in all likelihood they will only sell four.

Glenn Brown said...

Gotta agree with you and da mayor on this. My experience with the professional campaign folks tends to be that they are pretty ardent traditionalists. When dean hit it big they were basically along the lines of "yeah, thats great, give us that, drop it in our lap." with little thought to effor that might have gone into doing it.

The Obama meetups, for instance, are, i believe, the largest non-presidential political meetup in the country. You wouldn't know it from the attendance. You have already talked about the blog in previous posts.
They kind of remind me of what most businesses were like during the first days of the internet boom - we want to get on the internet but we don't know why.

Glenn Brown said...

Update - new seats have been offered for $150.