Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Got this in an e-mail from Dr. Dean today...

"Jerry Falwell has a lot to say. Falwell is the fundamentalist who opened the Republican National Convention in 2000 (the GOP kept him under lock-and-key this time around). ....
Now he has started a law school. The purpose: to train fundamentalists to ignore laws they don't support and reinterpret others to enforce their radical agenda. The 'school' is only the latest move in a monumental power play by the extreme right wing. They have taken over the Republican Party - and have set their sights on every branch of our government."

-- Ummm, I doubt the goal is to 'ignore laws they don't support'.
That's right an army of attorneys with strong conservative values are out to take all of your rights away by any means nessesary Dr. Because if you feel the constitution has no 'right of privacy' you obviously are some sort of evil nut. I expect this kind of stuff from Joyce.

Because if an attorney is against 'gay marrage' he is obviously some sort of idiot. Oh wait, voters all over the US have voted to define marrage as being between one man and one woman. They myst be idiots too.


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