Monday, September 06, 2004

A happy Labor Day to all.

Walked the Naperville Last Fling/Labor Day parade. It's interesting to walk a parade that is put on by a 'group' vs one that is put on by a town. They had all sorts of restrictions, how many people in your group, only one candidate's signs per group, etc. Lots of 'control' over things, then again that's Naperville :-)

I was two groups ahead of Keyes (he had at leat 100 people with him if not more) he walked in front of his group in front of a large American Flag banner a very effective presentation if nothing else. We encountered some protestors to Keyes who started yelling at us, leading us and the crowd to chant '4 More years' even louder (I was with a local GOP/Bush group) so that was kind of fun too.

I saw at least two TV stations at the parade filimg Keyes, saw the guy from one station and said 'Keyes is right behind us behind the Ninja kids' he laughed and said he was here to film me, nice comeback.

I am starting to think that if the 'goal' the Keyes thing is an attempt to silence the right and bring the party to the center than that is going to fail. What I saw walking behind Keyes was a large group of people (including a lot of pro-lifers) who may feel empowered by the Keyes canidcy to take a larger role in the party and try to move it to the right.

Also as we finished the parade (I brought the kids) we watched the rest of it including the Keyes group and Keyes came over and shook my hand and said hi, have to admit he was rather engaging. Is he going to win, no. Is he going to end up having an impact on the party long after he is gone, yep.

Then again I finished next to last in the blog-bowl so what do I know.

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