Thursday, September 23, 2004

If you ask me the Barack Obama 2004 Campaign Weblog has really gone downhill. It's has gone from a way of offering thoughts and insight and requesting feedback to just another place to put press-releases.

Think back to when they had the post about his speech at the convention looking for feedback and issues he should talk about. Brilliant.

Go look now, it is all press releases and things for BA-Rock the House II. Speaking of that it doesn't look like they hit 100 houses in Illinois.



Anonymous said...

That's not a complete list - I can say for certain that at least one of the one's held is not on it (The one I hosted.

Although, I have never been much on candidates weblogs (and I was a dean supporter). The Obama camp has occasionally used the media well but ultimately blogs are for personal opinions and personal opinions really can never be expressed (join cross excepted) on a campaign vehicle.

Glenn Brown

OneMan said...

Ok so it wasn't a complete list I should have figured.

I guess I would argue that his people did a better 'feel of what is going on' thing with the blog when it first came up. Once Rick was no longer involved the quality of the blog went down.

I would argue the blog isn't really a blog anymore.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know rick wasnt doing it any more. That pretty much explains alot. I am thinking of talking to my county commissioner (forrest claypool) about starting a blog. It could be an interesting take on the grotesque sausage factory that is county government.