Thursday, September 30, 2004

It's debate time.

First question:
Kerry: Sucking up the FLA and not answering the question. How will you prevent a 9-11 type attack it was not a question about the war in Iraq.

Bush: Bit tossed by the FLA suckup. Poiting out how we are going after Al Quida also talking about Iraq.

Second Question: Will electing Kerry increase the risks of a terrorist attack.
Bush: Interesting start (Kerry will not be elected) they know what I belive.. Not answering the question of is America less safe with Kerry. Not answering the question at all...

Kerry: Same thing, not really answering the question. Is Iraq going to be Kerrys 'lock box'. Talking about endorcements including Eisenhower's Son (what?)

Thrid Question: What colosal misjudgements did the President make

Kerry: Missed most of his answer, the humidifer started leaking.

Bush: His Kerry quotes back at Kerry seem effective, the Bush response (obviously rehearsed) very good.

Fourth: The Priority of going after Osama vs. Iraq.

Bush: We can do both.
Kerry: No plan for the peace in Iraq. We see 'Wepons of Mass Destruction'.
Bush: Kerry voted for it, also 'be steadfast'
Kerry: I will suceed for those trops, doesn't mean it wasn't a bad idea to go. Sorry I don't think the Allies stuff is going to play well.

Fifth: What would you do specificaly
Kerry: No real examples, examples of what he feels that bush is doing wrong. Again no specific examples. Finally one example about loose materials.
Bush: How are we going to pay for it. We trippled spending. Created dept of homeland security. More border control agents 3.1 Billion on fire and police. Best defence is a good offense.
Kerry: The unheard hours of tapes. Are we doing every thing we can to protect America. Another swipe at the tax cut.
Bush: Thats what I work on every day. We are hunting them down.

So far neither of them is doing real well.


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