Friday, September 10, 2004

Lynn Sweet makes some of the same observations about Obama What's up with Obama secrecy?: that I have
"His own campaign blog, with one exception, covers only in-state activities. The calendars on Obama's Web site never put on non-Illinois events. But the reality is Obama is going out of state. It's not a crime. It's what big-time candidates do. Why bother to create and maintain a fiction that Obama's $9.8 million enterprise (as of June 30) is just an Illinois venture?"

-- Because hims rasing money all over the country hurts his 'Golly he is just like us' image. It also hurts the 'Dean Dozen' outsider image. It does however help his campaign fund. It's interesting I seem to recall this on the Obama Blog back on June 3rd..

You can help! While the Republicans are hosting $1,000 a plate fundraisers, we're going to be hosting hundreds of house parties for regular voters, all over the state. We are still looking for people to host a house party for Barack on June 29. You'll get a chance to talk with Barack, meet fellow supporters, and learn how to help ensure that we win in November.

Because we all know Obama would never raise money in $1,000 chunks like that in Chicago because he is all that is pure and right and would never want to take any money from people who can afford $1,000 fundraiser tickets. Like Sweet pointed out, the Obama folks are quick to point out the house party stuff, not so quick to point out raising money in Texas perahps as much as 200K at that one alone. It's really hard to find details on some of the other fundraisers even with my firend Mr. Google.

Is it wrong that he is raising big money out of state, no. Does it match the 'outsider' image he is trying to present, yep.


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