Monday, September 13, 2004

My good pal Sneed who never seems to mention OneMans' birthday (October 23rd) I will be 35 by the way Mike but if you want to call me priceless and ageless that's cool. Anyway she had a column on the 12th that contained a reader letter that rips into Michael Moore. Then Zorn offers in his Blog (you never link to me anymore Eric) his thoughts about if Sneed did any research on the the alligations in the letter. Zorn also points out he sent an e-mail to Moore asking for his side.

Well OneMan was there at Crackers appearance and also remembers the newsletter and has found it on line

TV NATION E-MAIL NEWSLETTER #6: The section of the newsletter quoted from below is from 'Crackers the Crime Fighting Chicken' not Mike Moore.

"I also stopped in a whole bunch of other cities this past month --
Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh,
and Decatur, Illinois. I met anywhere from a few hundred to several
thousand people in each city -- all of them with killer corporate
crime tips. In Chicago, where we had about 3,000 people, the crowd
was so enthusiastic in its anti-corporate fever, the city actually
called in riot police to shut us down. My chicken sense was telling
me to say 'Braackk the cops!' but alas, I am protected by several
layers of feathers, foam, and metal -- to say nothing of my giblets of
steel -- while the rest of you only have a few layers of skin to stop
those baton blows. I cut my Chicago visit short. (If your interested
in a really cool write-up about Chicago, check out the article,
'Tongue in Beak,' by Steve Johnson, in the Chicago Tribune on
August 14, 1995. You can find it on our web site on the Press

Since there is a charge to see into the Trib Archives back to August 14, 1995 I will leave that to others.

OneMan actually appears on Moores 'The Awful Truth' in episode 2, when he points out a 'Republican' in the audiance, I also have a copy of his first book signed to 'My favorite conservative in Chicago'.

Doing google searches so Sneed doesn't have to.


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