Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Over at his Notebook Eric Zorn shares some thoughts on the concept of 'Graffiti Artist'
"As well written and thoroughly reported as it was, I recoiled at my colleague Bill Glauber's lenghty, front-page story today, 'Graffiti artist took risks to leave mark on a wall--Death sheds light on taggers' world,' concerning the death of 22-year-old Peter Berry, whose pastime was defacing property, both private and public.

I loathe the term 'graffiti artist' and want it banned from the lexicon or at least decent publications everywhere.

Talent of any sort applied in the service of illegal acts is not 'art.'

It's crime.

Peter Berry was no more an artist than the teens who engage in 'gooning,' the practice of beating up random strangers who are drunk, elderly or otherwise defenseless--are athletes, or the felons who cooked the books in corporate scandals are mathematicians.

His actions were a blight on society--literally"

-- Have to say I agree with Zorn on this one and he breaks in a law-and-order direction that surprised me. I am reminded of something Roeper wrote a few years back about 'AMERIKA' being put on some El Tracks high above the Ryan and how those letters stayed for years. I grew up in Dolton (SE suburb) and would see that everytime we went into the city, it took years for that to get cleaned up.


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