Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Spears, Casanova tie the knot in first-crass ceremony: "The New York Daily News says that just after the couple placed platinum wedding bands on their Cheetos-stained fingers, Spears ditched her gown for a velour sweatsuit, the better to get down to Journey's Lights. The rest of the wedding party was outfitted with comfy loungewear, too, some emblazoned with the words 'Pimp' and 'Pimp Daddy.'"

-- Will someone explain to me how to guys in love getting married will destroy the institution of marrage, but two heteros getting married and then putting on velour sweatsuits with the word Pimp on the back is okey dokey...

If anyone was runined the 'instution of marrage' it is the idiot heteros' (see Spears, Britney and millions of others).

Some words of advice, if you ever wore anything with the word Pimp on it at the wedding of OneMan's little girl I have two words for you: Savage Beating.


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