Sunday, September 05, 2004

State's corporate sponsor program looks like a dud:
" Last September, Gov. Rod Blagojevich signed off on a plan for state government to find corporate sponsors for programs, facilities or just about anything else that could secure money for its cash-strapped bank accounts.
Administration officials said the sponsorships could produce millions of dollars for the state. State agencies were asked for sponsorship ideas. A marketing firm was hired and paid more than $107,000 to work on the project.
A year later, the marketing firm has produced only one sponsorship deal, worth about $60,000. However, the administration contends the state is on the verge of making a significant sponsorship deal for a state beverage and that other deals, possibly including a state credit card, are in the works."

-- Thats cute one year later 60K in sponserships. However the state credit card is an interesting idea. How about the Blagozo credit card you don't have to pay interest until after he is governor, just like how he wants to state to borrow money. Don't worry tho' you still accumulate interestm, just don't pay it.


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