Sunday, September 19, 2004

Well OneMan was at the Hasstert Mega Event last night in DeKalb along with my now close personal friends Dick Cheney and Alan Keyes.

I'll have a lot more on the event from the 'Security Friendly' meal (no silverware) to getting my picture taken with Alan Keyes up to the response from the crowd to Judy Bar Topinka.

Ok, I will start on the 'security friendly' meal. A 'wrap' sandwich some 'vegtable crisps' that were not all that crisp, a brownie and a tiny (about the size of OneMan's thumb) Apple Pie. If I had paid $150 for that ticket I would have been pissed. I will go look up the actual description from the program of the meal (the 'security friendly' line is from the program). The description does not match the reality.

More to come on Keyes and Cheney's speech later.


Update 1:
For some more on the event go here.

Update 2:
The crowd didn't seem nearly as warm to Judy as they were to Denny and the VP. There was no Booing or anything like that but it was a little more 'relaxed'. Keyes was not up on the dias with the local elected officals.

One other thought, I saw a gentleman I first got to know when I was working on a state rep race in DeKalb when I was a CR back in the day. I introduced my self and was very freindly and introduced me to several people with an ease and comfort that I could only dream about.


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