Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Yet again if it is Wed it's time to take another journey into Joyce Land:

This week Joyce takes us from her Lake Woebegone upbringing when some boys put a frozen skunk in the vents at school and how they still grew up to be fine men.

She then rambles on into the classics, the government is out to get your land, to ban your religon, etc....

There is some extra special Joyce I want to focus on this week....

Many of our universities are teaching liberalism to the very highest degree. Family values are certainly not taught. Many of the professors have never gotten their hands dirty or learned about the "sweat of the brow" equity. Most of what they teach is their own misguided philosophy. Could they depend upon their own ability to raise food for their family, or could they only tell them about the theory of raising food? What about the generations of young people whose only guide to life is the liberalism they are being taught?

Yes Joyce often in my computer science classes my instructors would spew forth their liberal ideology forcing me to write programs designed to take wetlands from people. In my calculus class we would often skip the question that had to deal with the trajectory of a bullet since our professor was a anti-gun nut.

My secret dream is in a lab someplace the ideologies of Joyce and Alan Keyes mate and produce children.

Read it yourself, it's classic Joyce.



ArchPundit said...

I doubt she'd consider my father a fine man. But it's all in the interpretation.

OneMan said...

Perhaps that is something to be thankful for. He did raise a fine son.