Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Chicago Tribune | Coming soon to the Loop: A casino?: "The City of Chicago has agreed to sell Block 37 in the Loop at a loss of nearly $23 million to help make a long-awaited development a reality on the vacant but critically important site, officials announced today.

And in a surprise revelation, Planning Commissioner Denise Casalino said the project could have a casino, in addition to the shopping center, offices, hotel and residential tower previously announced.

Block 37, bounded by State, Randolph, Washington and Dearborn Streets, would be among the locations considered for a casino if Mayor Richard Daley wins state approval for a publicly-owned gaming facility, Casalino said.

The heart-of-the-Loop site has nearby access to the Chicago Transit Authority and is close to such attractions as Millennium Park and the Michigan Avenue shopping district, she said.

Casalino said the city 'has agreed to agree' with Mills Corp., Block 37's prospective developer, that 'there might be a casino at this site.'"

-- Yeah that's what Block 37 needs, a casino. Heck why we are at it why not video poker with legal payouts in bars everywhere as well as on CTA and Metra trains...

This is starting to get out of hands kids.



So-Called Austin Mayor said...

When you look back, isn't it shocking that gambling and porn became normalized in the course of a generation?

OneMan said...

Yeah it does kind of blow you away. The gambiling is more of a surprise than the porn however. Figured technology (VCR, Internet) has really helped out the porn industry but it is still something you do in private.

Casino gaming is much more of a group thing and the majority of communities don't fight to get an Adult bookshop in them. They are willing to sell their kids to get a casino.