Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Doug Finke (is that better?) shares some Love about a press release from the new state board of ed.
"The new school regime issued a news release after its first meeting, and let's hope the quality of the release doesn't reflect the quality of the new board.
'Dunn indicated that one innovative ways (sic) to improve education is already underway,' the release stated.
OK, we'll chalk that up to a typographical error, but the rest of the release reads as if an intern from Weekly Reader wrote it.
'He re-emphasized the Governor Blagojevich's priorities and asked Dunn for a report to the board on them each meeting.' Or 'Dunn stated that even after just two days, work has already begun on priorities through an initial assessment of each area. He provided status for each goal.' And 'With regard to seeking ways to save schools money, Dunn reported that he is directing staff to begin planning to launch a purchasing and prescription drug-buying pool.'
Come to think of it, the release does seem to reflect the education bureaucracy in this state - a lot of words and not much information."

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Anonymous said...

What? Do you work for the administration? There's an "e" on the end of that there Finke as in:

Doug Finke is a columnist and statehouse reporter for Copley News Service.