Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Fawell tells on Ryan under oath:
"Republican insider and political operative Scott Fawell has given federal prosecutors a 45-page sworn statement directly implicating his onetime mentor former Gov. George Ryan and Republican businessman Larry Warner in wrongdoing.
The new details came in a prosecution court filing released Tuesday. In the motion, prosecutors are asking a federal judge overseeing Warner's case to remove Warner's attorney, Edward Genson, because of an alleged conflict of interest.
Fawell, already in prison for political corruption under Ryan, has been cooperating extensively with prosecutors in their investigations of Ryan, Warner and other potentially high-profile matters."

-- I guess Fawell isn't going to be on Ryan's Christmas card list this year. Perhaps the Gov. could pow-wow with Martha about how to deal with the clink.

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Anonymous said...

No judge is going to believe a word that Fawell says. He is a lyin' philanderer. He had a huge 'coke' problem and as many women as John Kennedy. As far as Andrea goes - what does she think they are going to live on? He has a loooong time left to serve and will probably get additional years over his McPier dealings. Sure, he has a large inheritance coming - but mom is alive and well.

Andrea needs to remember that Scott destroyed alot of people and she is among them. Everyone else has kids to support. No new deal for Andrea and no more nights at the hotel on the state dime.