Tuesday, October 05, 2004

From theThe Charleston Gazette: " Kanawha County parent is upset about items in this Avon catalog that her son and other children at mary Ingles Elementary Schol are selling in a fund-raising activity. Several pages of lingerie and weomen in suggestive poses are pictured in the magazine. They send children the wrong message, the parent says. School officials said during Monday night's Kanawha County school board meeting that they will look into the matter."
To see the picture of the flyer go here.

-- My daughter sold wrapping paper, what's the difference.


Chris Rhodes said...

hehe. now...that's funny.

Anonymous said...

The difference is that these children were grilled on sexual harassment policies the week before. They were told not to talk about sex at school, draw a picture of a body part of bring any suggestive picture or cartoon to school or they would be severely punished. My son said that they made sex sound like it was something bad and wrong. This disturbs me because he doesn't even know what sex is and they are giving him the wrong impression.
A couple of days after the sexual harassment training they were handed these catalogs with the very same type of picture that they were not allowed to bring to school. For instance, if my son had opened the book in class he would have been punished and maybe even suspended for sexual harassment. The schools have a zero tolerance policy. Yet he was supposed to sell these items, pick them up at school and distribute them.
Its all about the double standard at my children's school. The children are taught "no put downs" yet the teachers put down the children. The children are taught about doing their personal best yet a teacher says their personal best is not good enough, only the final grade matters.
The children are taught about being trustworthy yet the principal lies to parents. The story goes much deeper than the lingerie the children were asked to sell.
By the way, I have nothing against lingerie as I own quite a bit.

OneMan said...

I didn't think it was a real good idea. Then again I am not a big fan of schools doing this sort of 'Take it home and sell this stuff' fundraiser anyway.