Tuesday, October 12, 2004

From :: Tom Cross for Illinois:
"So Michelle Bromberg's latest mailer has hit the affluent and overwhelmingly white catholic area of Wilmette on Chicago's exclusive North Shore this weekend. The attack piece on Beth Coulson (the current moderate state Rep of the area who is overqualified for her position and has successfully passed legislation beneficial to the area for the last 8 years) pictures the blond attractive State Representative next to a distorted picture of Alan keyes whose picture is colored to make his skin look darker than normal. "

A pdf of a bad fax can be found here. Making Keyes looks darker, that's a nice touch. I know Republicans have done stuff like this too, doesn't make it right or even smart. It just makes me wonder how long the Democrats will use Keyes as the Hobgoblin D'Jour.


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dbt said...

Hey, he'll be gone in three weeks and we'll have to come up with someone new, we gotta get our shots in while we can.