Tuesday, October 12, 2004

From the UK..Generics, Buy American and save:
"Canadian pharmacies often charge more than U.S. pharmacies, FDA reports. Consumers should consult pharmacists to get straight answers, APhA advises.

Using pricing information for prescriptions seized by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Miami, FDA analyzed prices being charged for foreign generic medications and found that Americans could have done better at their neighborhood pharmacy. As reported on pharmacist.com on September 16 (see link below), the medications were shipped to the States from the Bahamas but had been ordered by U.S. consumers from a Canadian pharmacy in Hamilton, Ontario. FDA selected a sample of the 439 detained packages, converted the prices to U.S. dollars, and compared prices for the same medications at four U.S. pharmacies.

�In every case,� FDA reported, �a U.S pharmacy price for the FDA-approved generic drug was less than what consumers had paid for the foreign generic drug� ordered from the Canadian pharmacy. Despite the reality check, importation of drugs from Canada and other countries appears likely to remain popular, fueled by the possibly flawed notion that all medications are less expensive outside the United States. "

I thought there were suposed to be savings.. Blagozo said so.

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