Monday, October 11, 2004

Obama Lending Star Power to Other Democrats ( "
He also happens to have raised more than $14 million, said Obama's communications director Robert Gibbs, who bears the uncommonly relaxed look of a spokesman who rarely has to parry bad news. On a day that started in Milwaukee and ended in downstate Illinois, Obama was trailed by reporters from three national newspapers, National Public Radio, Time magazine and, in the clearest sign of his transformation, Vogue.
'He's like a rock star,' said theater student Lily Emerson, 21, as fans mobbed Obama after an afternoon rally in Decatur, Ill. "

-- If Ryan had stayed in the race, Obama would have had to have stayed in state at least a bit more since they would have been getting the Lincoln - Douglas on at least 6 times or something like that. Lord knows Ryan would have polled better and Obama would have had to have spent some of the 14 Million in Illinois.

I really hope some heads roll over the Ryan-Keyes thing. They better...


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