Sunday, October 03, 2004

Since the Trib site has been down (at least from OneMan Central)) all day I have to link to other papers on the Board of Ed, jobs for pals thing including theDaily Chronicle Online:
"One of those employees is Eamon Kelly, who is making $57,300 as the interim chief of staff. He comes to the board from a stint as an assistant to Deputy Gov. Bradley Tusk, where his duties included working on education policy initiatives and driving the media van on the rural Illi-nois tour.

Kelly graduated from the University of Illinois in 2002 and worked in former Gov. George Ryan's office as an intern.

The new board budget director is Mark Kolaz, who oversaw the Blagojevich campaign in several downstate counties in 2002. Kolaz previously served as deputy director of agriculture under Blagojevich, managing the state fair. He will make $110,000 in his new job.

Another new name on the state board payroll, 30-year-old Jonathan Furr, was general counsel at the Depart-ment of Natural Resources and takes the same role at the education agency. Furr's salary will jump from $88,000 to $96,600."

-- I thought the takeover of the board was to improve education, not to give your guys better jobs. Business as Usual from the Blagozo.

Update: Still can't get to the trib site, anyone else having this problem?


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