Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Sneedster visitis Tipsville?:
"Is Chicago going to get a casino due to . . . gasp, politics?
Word is Gov. Blagojevich's future as a second-termer is making him nervous because of possible primary challenges by powerhouse Dems like Jesse White, Lisa Madigan and Paul Vallas.
All three of these people are being urged privately to run against Blago.
*The big question: Will Blago conduct a preemptive strike and give Mayor Daley his coveted casino in coming months, thereby picking up an enormous chit from the mayor should Blago receive a strong primary challenge? Stay tuned."

-- I have a tip for ya Sneedster Everything the Blagozo does is due to politics.

It would be interesting if the names are being pushed to force Blagozo into a Chicago casino. If we get a Chicago casino look for video poker in bars too.


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