Monday, February 21, 2005

Ok Uncivil rights is calling me out about the mayor race.

Again spare me the non-partisan thing with this race, if it was non-partisan would the unions be putting this kind of money into the race? Would groups like Family Taxpayers? Ummm, no. This non-partisan stuff is in name only, remember the Chicago's mayors race is also 'non-partisan' now.

I haven't decided who for sure I am going to vote for.

However I will be happy to explain why I might vote for Richard.

I feel the next 4 years are going to offer a unique challenge to Aurora so..

I want a mayor that does not view the job as the end of their career, I want someone who has ambitions to move up in government. Someone who will have leaders behind him working hard for him to succeed. I feel Richard has this.

I want someone who has real experience dealing with gangs and drug crime from law enforcement perspective. Richard has real experience in this area.

I want someone who has not spent most of their career working within government. Richard has that going for him.

I want someone who understands what governments role is and what governments role is not. From speaking with Richard I feel he has an understanding of that (yes his Mocherville comments about eminate domain concern me).

Why I might vote for Bill Wyatt.

I want someone who is willing to take strong actions to manage city expenses, including revising city worker benefits if that is needed.

I want someone who is willing to make the Eola interchange to I-88 a priority of their administration.

I want someone who views any tax increase as a last resort.

Why I might vote for Jack Cunningham.

I want someone who has experience in government.
I want someone who isn't going to be beholden to a bunch of campaign donors.
I want someone who is willing to think outside the box for solutions ie The Police commissioner.

Why I am not going to vote for Tom Weisner

Again, the don't feel the leader for the next step for Aurora is someone who worked for the city for 20 years. A really feel a new perspective is needed, much like a company that goes outside it's ranks for a new CEO Aurora needs to do the same thing.

Sorry but I think someone who has worked in government that long by default is going to see government as the solution to problems. I don't think that is a viewpoint we need.

I don't have any problem with Tom Weisner as a person, I don't question Tom's integrity, I don't think it would be the end of the world if Tom is elected mayor.

I do have some concerns about how much in campaign funds he has raised and where the funds have come from.

I do have concerns about some of his campaign tactics (the use of .... in the tax mailer that resulted in a quote having a radically different meaning).

But again, I really think Aurora needs a CEO from outside the firm now.



cracker said...

Thank you.

My concern with someone from the outside coming in is their lack of understanding of the need for internal change. You can have the best agenda and programs in the world, but if you don't have an effective internal operation, they will fail or not be cost effective. There are things inside the workforce that need to be changed or eliminated, and people that need to be fired. Someone from the outside won't know this.

Someone from the outside will either bring in people that don't understand the internal operations and it's going to be a learning experience for the next 4 years, or he's going to rely on those currently in positions, who should be fired. Bureaucracy will run over someone from the outside.

This City needs change, other than the mayor.

Anonymous said...

It's now Irvin vs. Weisner...

...good vs. evil

...future vs. past

The City of Aurora needs a DRAMATIC change top-to-bottom within its government if we are going to see Aurora reach its potential.

I disagree with those who think Tom Weisner is a nice guy. He has displayed goon-like tactics throughout the campaign with intimidation and attempts to mislead people. If the mass thefts of opponent signs on election day by Weisner and/or his agents are any indication, it looks like Weisner will stoop to any level necessary.

Anonymous said...

Typical BS from the Irvin camp above. Maybe if the Irvin folks placed their signs legally or with the owner's permission, they wouldn't get taken down.
Irvin isn't anywhere near ready to run the city. His choice of campaign workers show his poor judgment.

Anonymous said...

I am a citizen of Aurora, IL and after looking at Tom Weisner track record, I will not be voting for him. When it comes down to it, it is about track records. In fact, here is a website tell about Tom Weisner:

Anonymous said...

I can not believe how you have read my mind. I have no ill will against Mayor Weiser, but it is certainly time for him to move to his next assignment...anything buy mayor of my town. Perhaps I should start a blog